How Bail Bonds Work to Get People Out of Jail in Reno

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Bail Bonds Work to Assure the Court That People Show Up for Court

Posting bail is not an activity any of us set out to accomplish in our lifetimes. However, if your friends or loved ones find themselves arrested somewhere like Reno, NV then posting bail becomes a necessity.

Locating a bail bondsman can be relatively easy, but if you want to get your friends and loved ones out of jail quicker there are a few things that you will need to know such as:

  1. What are bail bonds and how do bail bonds work
  2. What information are you going to need when filing for bail
  3. What kind of collateral you can use.

What are Bail Bonds and How do Bail Bonds Work

Bail is a financial agreement that a bail bondsman, or bail bonding agency, will make with the courts on behalf of a criminal defendant. Bail bonds work to arrange the release of the suspect from jail pending the trial in exchange for money, or collateral.

The bail bonding agency is responsible, to the Washoe Courts, to ensure that the suspect shows up for their day in court. If they do not turn up, then a bounty hunter will be hired to track them down. Not only can a bondsman hire a bounty hunter, but they can sue the defendant for the money that was given to the court for the defendant’s bail and they can seize assets to recover unpaid money.

Information You Will Need to Have When Posting Bail for Someone

In order to get your loved ones and friends out in a timely manner there is some information you will need to have on hand so the bail agent can help you. An agent can retrieve this information, if it is not available, but it will extend the process.

  • Location of facility the defendant is being held in including city, state, and name of jail.
  • Full Name and Booking Number so the agent can contact the facility.
  • Bail Price: If you don’t already know this the bail agent will get this information. It is required to determine the fee.

Once this information has been relayed the agent will let you know how much it will cost to post a bond and the requirements to get a person out of jail.

What Kind of Collateral Can I Use for Bail

While cash is the preferred method of payment for posting bail, there are several other items that a bail bondsman may accept in lieu of cash.  All of the items are quickly transferable and are only kept when a suspect fails to show up for court.

Other properties accepted include:

  • Real Estate: Private, commercial, industrial, or land deeds
  • Vehicles: Not all vehicles are accepted, but most are considered
  • Credit Cards: Most major names are accepted
  • Stocks/Bonds: Both are quickly liquidated
  • Jewelry: Gold is accepted and most precious gems
  • Personal Credit/Bank Accounts

Having to call on a bail bondsman is not an easy thing to do, but knowing how bail bonds work, the necessary information, and the right collateral can make it a very quick process, sometimes as soon as a few hours.

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